North American P-51D/K Mustang and Cavalier F-51D conversion

The main purpose of this publication is to present one of the most famous as well as one of the best aircrafts of World War II.

P-51 Mustang project was initiated by a British indent and firstly the USAAF were not interested in assigning the plane its own. Paradoxically it became the symbol of American air power, which could not have been achieved without conjoining the native fuselage and an absolute, made under the license engine.


There were the D and K variants presented in the album as well as the conversion backfitted by Cavalier after the war. The snapshots were compiled to show not only the camouflage schemes but also the markings employed on the main theater of operations during World War II, beginning with Europe till the boundlessness areas of Pacific.


There were also the planes which took part in the occupation duty in Germany, war in Korea and exemplars used by the training units or National Guard in the United States. The appendix is combined with the Latin America air force Mustangs, that remained in service until the 1960s and 1970s.


The book is replenished with the color plates prepared by Janusz Światłoń, strictly connected with the photo-material. The decals included give a chance of making the models of presented P-51s.



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